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Cable cutting machine «German»

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Cable cutting machine «German»

  • Two drive shafts
  • Adjustable clearance between shafts
  • Blades diameter - 150 mm
  • It is possible to chop from two sides at the same time
  • Replaceable nozzles for any type of cable
  • Adjustable depth of cutting
  • Calculated diameter of processed cable - from 0,5 mm to 150 mm, max diameter of cable - 170 mm

Machine for cable cutting «German» - main technical characteristics:

Power supply for a cable cutting machine «German»
~380V / ~220V
Supply voltage: 380 Volts (alternating current, 3 phases), we can assemble individually with supply from 1 phase net of 220 Volts.
Electric engines for a cable cutting machine «German»
3 kW / 2.2 kW
Electric engines power: 2 х 1,5 kW = 3 kW or 2 х 1,1 kW = 2,2 kW
Diameter of cable for cable cutting machine «German»
cable max.
Ø 170mm
Calculated diameter of processed cable from 0,5 mm to 150 mm
Max diameter of processed cable - 170 mm
Cutting speed of cable cutting machine «German»
𝝊 = 434 mm/sec
Cutting speed: 434 mm/sec
Cutting force of cable cutting machine «German»
F = 2000 kgF
Max cutting force (calculated): 2000 kgF
Operator for cable cutting machine «German»
x 1
Machine service: min 1 person (operator)
Weight of cable cutting machine «German»
m = 250 kg
Size of machine (W x L x H): 120 х 80 х 160 sm
Machine weight: 225 kg

Electric engines

Geared motor of cable cutting machine «German»

Machine supply: 380 Volts, unit power: 3kW (2 electric engines of 1.5 kW each). Clients suppose that the higher the power, the better. But it is partly right.

We recommend installing electric engines with the power of 1.1 kW (unit power - 2.2 kW). In this case durability safety factor of geared motor is significantly higher,so they are more quiet and reliable.

Power of installed electric engine does not influence on the price, so this is you who makes a decision.

Individually we produce models with supply starting from 220 Volts. But this option will be significantly more expensive.

Cutting Blades.

Choppers of cable cutting machine «German»

Knives and cutting blades for cable cutting machine. Our blades are perfect. The knife is the most important part in this equipment. We stopped using knives of different diameters and widths. All of our knives are the same and interchangeable.

Cable cutting machine «German» has a knives of the one size, precise nozzles and nozzles assembly schemes for cables of different diameter are engineered for it.

Our blades can cut any tape steel armour, lead, aluminium, copper, any type of covering and shield.

Knife, installed on our daily-working machine, has been working for eighteen months! Company label «BMT» is applied on all blades of our production. If operator follows rules of nozzles assembly and machine setting, it will not be necessary to change them. As necessary, blades are always available.


Diagram of shafts work calculation for cable cutting machine «German»
Bearings of cable cutting machine «German»

We use only roller bearings for shafts installation. Roller bearings are significantly more enduring to different loads. For example, roller bearings installed closer to the place of workload application have lifting capacity of 119000H, what corresponds to more than 12 tons of load.

Maximum load points calculated with tenfold safety factor and tested by long experience. Cutting force of our cable cutting machine can reach 20kN (2000 kg-force - 2 tons) on the whole length of working shaft where nozzles are put.


Nuts for cable cutting machine «German»

Four locking bolts for fixing of a movable shaft with a diameter of 20 mm are made of tempered high-strength steel. Full-bodied nuts made of structural carbon steel provide reliable fixing of bearing structures. There are not any shafts movements or vibration during work of cable cutting machine. Neither block, nor shafts bend even under max load. Tested. Reliable!

Steel of cable cutting machine «German»

Bearing construction oof cable cutting machine is welded of high-quality structural steel with a width of 10-14 mm. It is produced on fixtures of high precision. Bearing construction provides vertical movement of upper working shaft (regulation of work clearance). Strength of fixing of both shafts and accuracy and comfort of customization depend on quality of this construction.

Screw of cable cutting machine «German»

Bronze nuts (with trapezoidal thread) of main carriage movement screw with working shaft vertically in conjunction with block thrust bearing provide smooth assured movement of screw and possibility of precise adjustment. It is especially important when it is necessary to set cutting depth of isolation in order not to harm inner layer under cut layer. We do not save on quality. We use trapezoidal thread for elements of linear movement according to machine-building standards.


Electronics of cable cutting machine «German»

High-quality electrics in our cable cutting machine with a separate starter for every electric engine and separate thermal switch preventing overload for every electric engine, with «Stop» button and flag of emergency stop (optionally). We do not save on quality of electrics and electronics. In case of cable seizing in operating mode there is a reverse switch in order to start shafts movement in the opposite direction.


Protection of cable cutting machine «German»

Elaborated sliding closing protection of working shaft. And here we also did not save on quality. In our cable cutting machine protection is elaborated in a way to prevent hit of odd subjects into moving parts and to protect operator as much as possible without creation of inconveniences for work. We took into account comfort of protection using and setting. Our protection does not disturb while using nozzles of the biggest diameter out of set , it is not necessary to move it away from the shaft. We have used wide, broadly installed, high-strength threaded anchors of protection. Additional guideways with openings for comfortable input of flexible cables of big length are elaborated. Do not neglect maximum protection. PEOPLE work for you.


Construction of a cable cutting machine «German»

Welded frame of our cable cutting machine (stripper) is made of angle bars of 50 mm, special protection from falling is elaborated, horizontal pins for nozzles keeping are made. It is known that machines with the another construction fell while working. In order to fall our machine should be incline for more than 50 degrees from the vertical. It is impossible to do that in working mode. It is hard to tilt it even deliberately - you need at least 2 people to do that, because a machine has a weight of more than 200 kg.

Basic set of a cable cutting machine «German»

Nozzles of a cable cutting machine «German»
Disk nozzles for a cable cutting machine «German»
1 piece
2 pieces
Nozzles for a shaft «ribbed» with an arm of 12 mm and 3 mm
2 pieces
Nozzles for a shaft «ribbed» with an arm of 12 mm and 6 mm
2 pieces
«Masher» nozzles
2 pieces
Knives enhancer
2 pieces
Washer with a width of 3 mm and diameter № 1
2 pieces
Washer with a width of 3 mm and diameter №2
2 pieces
Washer with a width of 3 mm and diameter №3
2 pieces
Washer with a width of 5 mm and diameter №1
2 pieces
Washer with a width of 5 mm and diameter №2
2 pieces
Washer with a width of 5 mm and diameter №3
2 pieces
Washer with a width of 10 mm and diameter № 1
2 pieces
Washer with a width of 10 mm and diameter № 5
2 pieces
Washer with a width of 14 mm and diameter № 1
8 шт.
3 pieces
Passport with a manual on connection and setting
1 piece
Booklet with options of nozzles assembly for cables with different diameter
1 piece

Additional set for a cable cutting machine «German»

Additional nozzles for a cable cutting machine «German»
Additional nozzles for a cable cutting machine «German»
Gear nozzles for a cable cutting machine «German»
Gear nozzles for a cable cutting machine «German»
Gear washers Big
4 pieces
Gear washers Medium
4 pieces
Gear washers Small
4 pieces
Smooth washers with a diameter № 3
4 pieces
Smooth washers with a diameter № 4
8 pieces

Warranty for a cable cutting machine «German»

Warranty lifetime of a machine is 12 months. Warranty applies to

  • load-carry part of a machine: welded steel elements
  • electronic part
  • electric engines

Mechanical damages are not warranty cases

Price for a cable cutting machine


Believe us, if we could make this equipment cheaper with the same quality, we would do that. We calculated. We tried.
It is impossible to make this machine cheaper qualitatively.

Every cent in this amount for our cable cutting machine is justified.

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Economic justification

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Cable cutting machine «German»

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Additional set of nozzles for effective work with two knives at the same time

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