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Cable cutting machine «TR-150» - Three knives

Cable cutting machine «TR-150» - Three-blade

  • Three drive shafts
  • Easy adjustment by one handle
  • Knives diameter - 150 mm
  • Calculated diameter of processed cable - from 10 mm to 150 mm
  • Power - 3.3 kW

Cable cutting machine «TR-150» - main technical characteristics:

Power supply for a cable cutting machine «TR-150»
~380V / ~220V
Supply voltage: 380 Volts (alternating current, 3 phases), we can assemble individually with supply from one phase net of 220 Volts.
Electric engines for a cable cutting machine «TR-150» with three choppers
3.3 kW
Electric engines power: 3 х 1,1 kW = 3.3 kW
Diameter of cable for a cable cutting machine «TR-150» with three kneves
cable max.
Ø 150mm
Calculated diameter of the cable to be cut - from 5 mm to 150 mm
Cutting speed of a cable cutting machine «TR-150» tree-blades:
𝝊 = 434 mm/sec
Cutting speed: 434 мм/сек
Cutting force of a cable cutting machine «TR-150» three-knife
F = 2000 kgF
Max cutting force (calculated): 2000 kgF (2 tons)
Operator for a cable cutting machine «TR-150» three-blade
x 1
Machine service: min 1 person (operator)
Weight of cable cutting machine «TR-150» with 3 blades
m = 325 kg
Size of machine (W x L x H): 90 х 120 х 180 sm
Machine weight: 325 kg

Electric engines

Electric engines of a cable cutting machine «TR-150» with three choppers

Geared motor with power of 1.1 kW is used for a cable cutting machine «TR-150» with 3 choppers. Machine total power is 3.3 kW. Machine supply: 380 Volts. Max calculated force on a chopper edge is 1786 N, total rotational moment of a unit is 400N*m, total max cutting force - 5,333 kN. Individually we produce models with supply starting from 220 Volts..


Knives of a cable cutting machine «TR-150» with three choppers

Knives for a cable cutting machine. Circular knives diameter is 150 mm. Our knives are ideal. Knife is the most important detail in this kind of equipment. Blades of a machine «TR-150» are universal, they fit model «German». All our blades are similar and interchangeable.

A cable cutting machine «TR-150» has a knives with a diameter of 150 mm, there is no need in additional nozzles. This blades diameter allows to cut easily cables with a cover of different width. Our knives can cut any strap steel armour, lead, aluminium, copper, any type of covering and shield.

Our knives do not break, are not chipped and even do not get blunt, if they are used for intended purpose - for cable and cable armour cutting.

As necessary, blades are always available.


Bearings of a cable cutting machine «TR-150» three-knives.
Shafts calculation for a cable cutting machine «TR-150» with 3 blades

We use only roller bearings for shafts installation. Roller bearings are significantly more sensitive to radial loads, more durable, they are not afraid of calculating curve while working. Taking into account that they work 10 % of their max load, more likely that it will not be necessary to change them during the whole period of a machine life. For example, roller bearings installed in the place of workload application have lifting capacity of 99000N, what corresponds to 10 tons of load.

Places of max load application with tenfold effort supply are found and tested by long experience. Force of a working part can reach 2000 kg-force (theoretically speaking, you can hung a load of 2000 kg on a working part of a shaft, and it will work).


Nuts for a cable cutting machine «TR-150» with three knives

Six locking pins for fixation of moving shafts with a diameter of 20 mm are made of hardened high-strength steel. Strength of force pins corresponds to the max meaning of 12 (according to State standard 1759.4-87).

Full-bodied nuts made of structural carbon steel provide reliable fixing of bearing structures. There are not any shafts movements or vibration during work of cable cutting machine «TR-150». Neither block, nor shafts bend even under max load. Tested. Reliable!

Construction of a cable cutting machine «TR-150» with three choppers

Unique construction of convergence knives joining into one pointby one handle with a reverse counterbalance is elaborated by our engineers specially for a cable cutting machine «TR-150» and «TR-200». We use only high-quality structural steel with a width of 10-20 mm. Weld is produced on high precision clamping design. Bearing construction provides strict linear movement of shafts (regulation of work clearance). Strength of fixing of all shafts and accuracy and comfort of setting depend on quality of this construction.

Moving apart of knives of a cable cutting machine «TR-150» with three choppers

Bronze nuts (with trapezoidal thread) of main carriage movement screw with working shaft vertically in conjunction with 2 block rolling bearing provide smooth assured movement of screw and possibility of precise adjustment. We do not save on quality. We use trapezoidal thread for elements of linear movement according to machine-building standards. Screw head of expanded diameter and comfortable polished handle are set on a cable cutting machine «TR-150».


Electrics of a cable cutting machine «TR-150» with three choppers

High-quality electrics in our cable cutting machine TR-150 with a separate starter for every electric engine and separate thermal switch preventing overload for every electric engine, with «Stop» button and flag of emergency stop (optionally). We do not save on quality of electrics and electronics. In this machine a cable can not be seized so there is no need in reverse switch.

A cable cutting machine «TR-150» has a set that includes:

A cable cutting machine «TR-150» is delivered in assembled form, fully set and ready for work.

1 piece
Plug for supply connection
1 piece
1 piece
Manual on setting
1 piece

Warranty for a cable cutting machine «TR-150»

Warranty lifetime of a machine is 12 months. Warranty applies to

  • load-carry part of a machine: welded steel elements
  • electronic part
  • electric engines

Mechanical damages are not warranty cases

Price for a cable cutting machine


Believe us, if we could make this equipment cheaper with the same quality, we would do that. We calculated. We tried.
It is impossible to make this machine cheaper qualitatively.

Every cent in this cost of our equipment is worked out by us.

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Cable cutting machine ТР-150

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